About Me

Everything that has to do with image and aesthetics fascinates me. I love the grandeur of being able to capture the moment and enclose it into a video sequence.

My films are a custom-tailored product, specifically sewn around the story of the wedding of which I am a spectator.
It is like a customized suit which perfectly fits the newlyweds who are in front of my camera.

My Story
  • My Story

  • At age 13, I spent all of my savings to buy my first SLR camera.
    It was love at first sight.

    I am eager to learn, so I regularly attend photography courses in Italy and abroad. I tirelessly look for the most cutting-edge innovations of the sector, in terms of style, technique, and equipment.

    I collaborate with many Italian photographers and videographers and I am a member of several associations which are linked to the world of photography and video.

    In 2014, I founded the 'Giorgio Guerrieri Wedding Films' and went down the way of filming destination weddings. This path takes me from a small town in the South of Italy (Lecce, Puglia) to places all around the world.

  • Philosophy

  • My style is the reportage because it allows me to play with and arrange both light and the environment. I do not particularly like subjects in pose; I prefer to call myself 'a guest with a camera' who discreetly moves in the flow of the events.

    My approach to Wedding Films is based on spontaneity. I try to silently absorb looks, moods, gestures and signs, trying to find the best way to narrate what is happening.

    I chase details on tiptoe to catch unique moments, curious aspects, peculiarities.